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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why I'm NOT wishing you happy holidays...

Right after Thanksgiving, I asked my friend with young kids how she was doing. “I’m doing my best to survive the holidays!” she responded.

Can you relate?

Never mind visions of sugar plum fairies in your head…more likely it’s visions of the kids off school fighting with each other, or visions of your 6 year old having a tantrum when it’s time to sit down to dinner with your parents who flew in to spend the holidays enjoying their grandchildren.

I figured you didn’t need one more person telling you to be happy!

When you’re fighting daily battles with your kids, even the thought of the holidays can be overwhelming. You may not know how to solve the problems at home yet, but you CAN do one thing right now…BREATHE.

That’s right.If nothing else…BREATHE.

And what if it was enough… for now?

I know breathing alone won’t solve all your problems. It CAN, however, have a profound effect on how calm you feel. A calm parent is more present and effective no matter what the problems.

Want to learn how to become 50% -100% calmer with just a few breaths done right? Your own breath can be your best parenting ally. Watch my short video here.

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Here’s to the possibility of more fun this season!