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Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't You Want Some Attention Too ?

You know how hard it is to stop what you’re doing and calm down for a minute? It’s like there’s always something you have to do – even more at this time of year!
I’ll be brief.
I bet you tend to take care of everyone else before yourself, right? Then, it’s really hard for there to be anything left by the end of the day for you. Ask me how I know! 

What if taking care of yourself and nourishing your spirit is the BEST way to take care of everyone else – like putting the mask on first in an airplane?
I know it may be almost impossible for you to imagine making time for yourself right now, and that’s OK. You don’t have to!
But what if takes less than 7 minutes: the same time it takes for one commercial break, waiting on line in the bank or for your coffee to brew?
Don't you deserve 7 minutes devoted to YOU?
It may not seem like much, when you crave so much more but actually taking a baby step will go a lot further than doing nothing because it doesn’t feel like enough. Remember, without your baby’s first step they wouldn’t be running.

Your special gift this week is an audio that’s less than 7 minutes to nourish your spirit and help you feel calmer. Use the amazing, creative, problem solving skills everyone else counts on you for to find a quiet, comfortable place to be alone. It really will help and may be the best gift you give your family this season.

Download your audio here: http://tinyurl.com/27ymnqm

Practicing self-care is probably THE most important action you can take for the health and happiness of your children - to make them feel safe and help them feel good about themselves. That's why I’m totally committed to you having that in the coming year. Stay tuned…

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can I give you a KISS?

You know those special holiday activities you want to have fun doing with your kids? Maybe it’s baking cookies, seeing holiday lights or a performance, or skating.

It doesn’t always go as you imagined, does it? You really have the best intentions and want so much to enjoy the experience with your child…but it’s TOO MUCH!

And when it gets to be too much, then no one’s having fun!

This week’s tip is to KISS – Keep It Super Simple!

Take whatever activity you want to do. Cut it in half! And then in half again! As a matter of fact, cut the whole to do list down while you’re at it.

Then, remember that the activity is the WHOLE time you spend with your child. What if the time waiting on line to see Santa, or the show, etc. was the best part of the whole experience for your child - the time they looked back on and always remembered? Imagine…

Want to bake cookies with your child? No, no not all those fancy cookies you have in mind! That never goes well. It’s not really about the cookies. Did you know that eating comfort food with your child releases Oxytocin, (the anti-stress hormone,) in your brain, allowing you and your child to feel a greater sense of connection and wellbeing?

So Keep It Super Simple and make comfort cookies – Rice Krispies Treats!

Here's a link to the classic recipe! http://www.ricekrispies.com