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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Receiving Permission

This month’s blog post is very personal note from me. My intention is that by sharing this piece of my journey it will create a space of permission for you - for whatever it is you require right now.

It’s been 2 years since I came to this home in which I grew up in Massachusetts to care for and be only child to my mom during her final season. The dogwood outside her window accompanied us on that journey as it budded, spring into glorious blossom, basked in its beauty and fully leafed the petals away.

I ended up staying here since then in the embrace of this home I grew up in, while my husband remained in NYC to continue working at his job.

My dogwood accompanies me again as I feel myself opening up to a new level of receiving its beauty and my own. It’s most glorious right outside the bathroom window - perfect for frequent viewing!

And now my heart’s desire is to create a beautiful opportunity for completion by finishing the work of cleaning out the house - taking all the resources I require and releasing everything that no longer serves me.

I’ve decided to allow myself the full experience of this process...and to honor it by choosing to take some things off my plate rather than defaulting to my old pattern of trying to do it all and feeling overwhelmed while trying to convince myself that I am enough.

What do you require permission for?

Warmly in support,


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