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Monday, March 11, 2013

5 Quick Tips To Sail More Smoothly Through Springing Ahead!

Setting the clocks ahead creates a double whammy for you and the kids!
  • Harder to get up in the morning 
  • Harder to go to bed "on time." 

This extra stress can last for a few days or even a  week or more as your bodies adjust - think jet lag! Sleeping and eating patterns get thrown off, often resulting in shorter tempers and more power struggles. Here are 5 quick tips to help you sail more smoothly through this week until everyone gets adjusted...
Just choose ONE tip and try it TODAY.
  1. CLEAR YOUR PLATE! Eliminate or re-schedule all un-necessary activities for both you and your child this week.
  2. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! Order in food, leave a chore till next week, or 1 email  un-answered.
  3. EASE UP ON BEDTIME! Adjust back to "normal" little by little as you help your chid understand that his or her "inside" clock is still adjusting even though the "outside" clock was changed already. Explain that everyone is a bit dys-regulated but it's going to be OK.
  4. GIVE YOURSELF A HEAD START! To have a winning morning get up 10 minutes earlier.  I know that seems difficult, but it will be WAY easier than battling your way through the morning from behind.
  5. SMILE FOR NO REASON! Smiling will shift negative energy and help you feel better. You could even get silly with your child..you may both end up laughing.
FOCUS ON CONNECTION...LET GO OF PERFECTION! (Just a little )  It's going to be OK...
Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below...

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