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Monday, October 10, 2016

Top 3 Strategies For a Peaceful Bedtime

Are you frustrated and exhausted by the end of the night after hours of dealing with your child's bedtime stalling, resistance, and not listening.

Do you find yourself thinking, "Bedtime shouldn't be this hard, should it?"

The problem is that bedtime is not as easy as it might seem! If it were, you wouldn't be having power struggles every night! And you're not the only parent struggling!

Bedtime is a big transition in the course of your child's day. Even more, it's made up of many small transitions, each one potentially adding stress and overwhelm to your child.

Using this definition of transition, "Passage from one place or state to another; change or process of change," how many transitions can you identify that your child has to deal with in a given night? A few that come to mind are: Going from time with family to time alone; going up or downstairs; ending screen time, or playtime; doing homework; getting undressed; turning out the light; etc. What else comes to your mind?

The National Sleep Foundation's 2004 Survey in America Poll found that 27% of school aged children get less sleep than their parents think they should get. Parents reported that 70% of school aged children experienced one or more sleep related behaviors at least a few nights a week...Left unchecked, poor sleep effects high school students with academic performance dropping almost 2 grade levels!

In my 30 years of parenting and helping parents, I’ve learned three essential tools to reclaiming your child’s bedtime routine (and your sanity!):
  1.  Your child's behavior is how they communicate their state of mind. Once you build the skills to "listen" to what their behavior is really telling you, you can help your child de-stress and have an enjoyable bed-time. 
  2.  A good bedtime routine starts way before bedtime. Having an effective plan for homework, dinner and screen time can set your child up for success when it comes to bedtime. 
  3.  Knowing yourself – how you reflect stress, how you relax and how you communicate – are essential to customizing a bed-time routine that works for your child and for you.
Peace at bedtime is possible!

What are your biggest bedtime challenges?? Tell me below or email me at parentcoachkathy@gmail.com

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